There is a legend connected with Szczawnica about a robber Pipikas, who lived in "Koci Zamek" ("Cat's Castle") and there he hid robbered treasures. After many years "Cat's Castle", situated about a kilometer from the entrance to Szczawnica by Główna street, came back again to the previous splendor. Carefully renovated by his present owner it kept its previous state, serving now to all citizens and visitors of Szczawnica. "Cat's Castle" surprise visitors from the country and from abroad with unconventional architectural realizations.

Restauracja w Szczawnicy

In a Restaurant located in the basement of the "Cat's Castle" one can taste excellent Polish and European regional cuisine in a pleasing coldness and magical atmosphere. Stony decorations rude and warm at a time amuse everyone crossing our threshold. A supper by the light of candles with a romantic music in the background will be remembered for long. The decoration of cafe located on two terraces is also admirable. Numerous springlets, water cascades and a stony garden iluminated at night make an impression of fabulous world.

Restaurant specialize in giving banquets, organization of wedding parties and other ceremonies. Ballroom is equipped with bar and a big fireplace.
"Cat's Castle" amuse comming guests and inspire young creators – the proof are numerous exhibitions organized here. We warmly invite to our hospitable threshold!

Pieniny – one of the most beautiful places in Poland – charms many tourists with its beauty.

Splendid mountain scenery, rushing streams and admirably beautiful gorge of Dunajec river are long remembered.


Placed at the foot of Pieniny mountains, Szczawnica is known as a health resort for many ages. For the last years it is also known as a sport-touristic center.